Summer Read, Starting with the Basics


Mastering the Four Essential Trusts  Iyanla Vanzant

” To us all I say, Lean not on your own understanding because we really do not know what anything is for.”

Iyanla Vanzant

Just the idea of trusting oneself can be a scary thing, but learning to trust others will bring unwarranted stress.  Iyanla Vanzant’s book expresses the importance to trust yourself, trust in God, trust in others, and trust life. Now can you imagine all the things that are on the line with the demand of this book? Trusting yourself, trusting God, trusting others, and trusting life. These all go hand in hand for both failure and success.

I have embarked on a change, a change that is all about learning to trust the “system”. That system for me is this thing we call life. The last several weeks has been hard for me because of stress and trauma, (which trauma is real and I will address that in another post) that the only key to life is survival; and the key to survival is trust. I mean simply, the water you drink day-to-day whether it is from a can, a bottle, or a fossett you take a risk to trust that everytime you take a sip of water, it is safe to drink. We have gotten so comfortable with water and the trust we’ve implemented that we no longer think about the cleanliness, filtration, nor the supply of water because we’ve established a trust at hand; with the expectation that it is safe now and will be until proven otherwise.

Disappointment is a leading cause of distrust because when someone is trusting in someone or something it has the expectation to meet a need or desire or appeal to the eye at hand. When a boyfriend or girlfriend fails to be faithful to you, it means that the loyalty expected wasn’t met with the idea that “there is no one else out there that will take you from me”  like the idealization in all the romantic movies. “We thought we had it all together, what happened? We no longer trust ourselves to make it through what we’re going through. We do not trust that people will be there for us if and when we need them. We no longer trust that life is a benevolent process designed to help us grow.” (Vanzant 173)

What do you trust? I trust that my bones will carry me, I trust that I can leave my apartment and return with it still standing. I bet we can go on about things we trust, but who is really brave to be vulnerable, bare, naked, and willing? Those are all the things it takes to trust the “system”. Do you trust too little? Do you not trust at all? Do you trust too much? I encourage you to pick up this book and watch it transform you and your life, we like to think we are fine just the way we are however there is nothing wrong with a little change. Change is growth…

Are you ready to trust?